The owners & employees of “Wrap This, Ink" would like to thank you for visiting our website. “Wrap This, Ink.” has been busy over the past decade, designing, printing & wrapping all kinds of things… From hotdog carts to tour buses and multi-million dollar aircraft. So if you’re Ready for Attention, you’ve come to the right place!

The greatest advantage to working with “Wrap This” on your next project, is that’s exactly what we do: WRAP! Our designers & installers are 100% dedicated to providing you the best Vehicle Ad Wraps in the world!

Unlike sign companies who may offer vehicle graphics as one of their services, vehicle graphics are ALL we do and we specialize in perfection. We have been wrapping cars, boats & trucks for over 11 years now. Our “Wrap This” Orlando, FL facility is home to our corporate offices and continually wraps 60 vehicles per month, every month!

And with our Melbourne, FL location now open, we can service our clients even more efficiently. Expansion plans take “Wrap This, Ink.” into the Tampa, Jacksonville & Miami markets next! Keep watching for our next openings.

With having wrapped literally thousands of vehicles, we know exactly how a wrap should be performed. And that’s why we’re so good at what we do…every wrap is a performance!

Let’s face it, there are other companies out there that have digital printers & say they can wrap your vehicle, but a vehicle wrap that is created to drastically improve your company’s image goes WAY beyond having a machine that can print a wrap. One of the most crucial parts of the wrap process is the design. “Wrap This” designs flow with the vehicle style, creating a seamless piece of artwork that puts you & your business miles ahead of your competition. Then once the design is perfected, the actual install of the wrap is what makes “Wrap This” your only choice… Our 3M certified install process ensures that your new wrap will look & feel just like a custom paint job. No bubbles, no wrinkles, and is most cases, no seams, either! So please enjoy our website & give us a call…as soon as you think you’re ready… Ready for IMPACT!


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